Advantage Mobility Outfitters: How to Choose the Right Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle


Wheelchair cars or wheelchair  accessible vehicles are specially designed to fit wheelchair needs and for  driving while in a wheelchair. If you are wheelchair-bound but still want to drive or for your utmost convenience, you should consider buying your very own wheelchair accessible vehicle to be able to travel around without waiting for a wheelchair accessible taxi or asking a family member or friend to get you around. When it comes to choosing the right wheelchair accessible vehicle for you, it can be intimidating and overwhelming because of a lot of options available, and it’s a good thing that Advantage Mobility Outfitters at can help you by offering wide variety of options that is best suited to your budget and lifestyle.

A wheelchair is very hard to maneouvre, making it a struggle every day, so it is crucial to take into consideration the manner of getting in and out of the car using a wheelchair. Who will be driving the wheelchair accessible vehicle, will it be the wheelchair user or the caregiver? Remember that wheelchair minivans are specifically designed for transport or passenger purposes and they do not work with adaptive drivers who are wheelchair-bounded. Many wheelchair accessible vehicles have lowered floors, providing more headroom and less steep ramp. When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair car, you have to also consider the space as well as the  accessoried and aids. You need to take into consideration the wheelchair accessible vehicle’s height, width of the wheelchair at its widest point, width of the wheels, length of the passenger, and the combination of the weight of the wheelchair and passenger, which determine the vehicle’s capability to enter, exit, and maneuver.

The garage or parking space and the number of people who will be regularly transported in the van must be considered. For example, there will be difficulty deploying a side-entry ramp in a narrow garage. Expect that wheelchair accessible vehicles have different features including navigation aid, passenger doors, sunroof, backup camera, removable seats, power sliding driver, rear air satellite, and DVD player. For easy maneuverability, side-entry vans allow safe entrance and exit without much traffic onto the curbside, wherein the wheelchair user can drive from a wheelchair or sit in front of the passenger position. On the other hand, a rear-entry wheelchair accessible vehicle can be parked in any garage or parking area without needing extra room. Rear-entry wheelchair accessible vehicles are less expensive to convert, offering more ground clearance since the floor of the vehicle has not been modified, learn more here!

It is important for consumers to be well-informed, so Advantage Mobility Outfitters highly recommend selecting the best wheelchair accessible vehicle taking into account the important factors stated in this article. For more details about Advantage Mobility Outfitrers, feel free to check our website or hoempage now! To know more ideas on how to select the best vehicle, go to


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